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Miami Yoga is the premiere Hot Yoga Studio in South Florida where you can find many styles of Yoga, and many courses, trainings, and certifications designed to increase Yoga mastery,  health and well-being.   Our goal is to guide students to greater self-awareness, focus, and health through our full spectrum of yoga, yoga therapy, nutrition, massage, detox programs and retreats.  We do this with a deep humility and reverence for that which is most sacred in every yoga class we teach…YOU!


Miami Yoga (originally Miami Yogashala)  was founded by Fred Busch as an Ashtanga Vinyasa School in 2001. After several years of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Fred started noticing that certain very valuable poses were not being offered to students due to the sequence structure, and that there was no mechanism to heal certain injuries that would arise within the that system.   Fred began to advise certain students to refine their poses and sequences to create an environment that would be conducive to the body’s healing. This development meant that Fred no longer was teaching traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, so he changed the name of his classes to Fred Busch Power Yoga. Now Fred Busch Power Yoga is taught all over the world and at Fred Busch’s studios Brickell and Kendall Hot Power Yoga Studios.  Fred Busch, believes in the powerful transformational potential of Yoga.

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  • Reasons to Avoid Pharmaceuticals – Unethical Research

    Reasons to Avoid Pharmaceuticals – Unethical Research
    by Fred Busch

    NY Times

    NY Times

    Borderline Personality Disorder – New York Times


    New York Times today says: “Borderline personality disorder, which is estimated to affect 1 percent to 2 percent of Americans, is characterized by extreme mood swings,impulsivity and fears of abandonment. Studies have shown that the most successful treatments are specialized forms of talk therapy, but finding practitioners who are trained in these methods can be difficult. Many doctors prescribe antipsychotics and antidepressants to help with some symptoms.”

    This is an example of the ruthless fact that in order to sell drugs for money that are not needed by anyone and due real harm to people, pharmaceutical companies and doctors collude to create disease names because once a new disease is officially named and is ‘identified’ it can then be targeted by a specific ‘weapon’/ drug. This is the engine behind the naming of disorders that do not exist like this ‘Borderline personality disorder’ which is really caused by a horrible diet and no exercise.

    This article explains primarily about the illegal coordination and corruption at the heart of the pharmaceutical industries quest for the next billion dollar drug that they can sell to each patient for $1000 a month to the government and private health insurance companies who then pass the premiums to us all. We should avoid pharmaceutical and over the counter medications or pain killers or drugs of any kind if at all possible.

    There is a famous quote that says, “Nothing that makes a healthy person sick can make a sick person healthy.”  If you want to learn to think for yourself like a powerful person who does not accept things unless they pass the scrutiny of your expert understanding then inquire today about being a professional health coach and Yoga and Integrative Nutrition master!

  • Top 3 Reasons to Try Vegan or Vegetarian Food

    Eating Vegan leads to a Youthfulness of Body and Mind

    Eating Vegan leads to a Youthfulness of Body and Mind

    Top 3 Reasons to Try Vegan and Vegetarian Foods by Fred Busch

    Reason #1 – Anti-Aging

    When we eat less animal foods like Meat, Dairy and Eggs it clogs up our arteries and leads to a condition called Atheroschlerosis which is a hardening of the arteries.  When the arteries harden like this from the inside out it is the first stage of the aging process as it begins to impede the flow of vitality around your body and even your body’s range of motion.


    Reason #2 – Weight Loss and Body Fitness

    Eating as much Vegan and as little cooked foods as possible is the best way to lose weight.  People who eliminate the animal foods from their diets without leaning too hard on the pastas and the breads, notice an immediate reduction in body weight… especially when there is an exercise practice also involved like Yoga


    Reason #3 – Erectile Dysfunction and Trouble in Pregnancy

    In both cases of the human organism having trouble with the tasks related to reproduction the likely cause from poor food and exercise choices.   It is not that complicated that when blood flow is blocked and internal organs are stressed that the body will be unable to initiate the required environment for normal biological functioning.  As soon as the variables of food (vegan), exercise (every day) and awareness (be your friend, not enemy) are aligned then everything will return back to its natural flow and capacity and virility.  

     There are a great many MORE reasons than this to eat more Vegan but this list may start to express the relative importance of diet and trying more Vegan or Vegetarian food (and getting some exercise) in our lives!

  • The Power of Visualization in Yoga – The Lion’s Breath

    The Power of Visualization in Yoga – The Lion’s Breath by Fred Busch

    Lions Breath

    Today at Yoga Teacher Training was a TON of FUN!!! Here I was teaching about what is called LIONS BREATH in Yoga and explaining how the psychic quality and visualization are the most important and advanced part of the practice!  

    Yoga Postures (asanas) are practiced with differing level of mastery depending on the dimension the person is aware of and putting energy into.  For example the most basic level of practicing the poses is physically.  There are many physical alignment principles that are very important for safety and need to be employed however no matter how advanced or perfectly a yoga posture is performed that can never be considered advanced yoga.

    The next level of depth of practice in Yoga is the breath.  Rather than just being aware of the physical body and the muscles the more advanced practitioner of yoga is more interested in quality of the breath.  The breath, the yogi realizes is the portal to the present moment and is a direct way to experience the state of yoga found with presence.  Quality of the breath in many ways is the quality of the practice is something i often tell my students.

    The most advanced aspect of Yoga practice and the most beneficial use of the human mind is found in the visualizations.  The way the mind is marshaled to visualize the psychic intention and energy of the pose completes the merging of the body, mind and spirit that all teachers refer to in eastern practices.

    These teachings are sourced from my lineage of teachers and represent ancient truths handed down from Guru to disciple.


  • Myths About Vegans

    Myths About Vegans


    Many people believe that eating vegan is healthy.  This is not necessarily true at all In fact there are many myths about vegans being healthier than other people but this is not always the case.  Many people can eat 100% vegan and not have a healthy diet.  This is evidenced by the fact that french fries and dark chocolate are vegan foods!  White bread and oreo cookies are vegan foods and many highly processed foods are also vegan and none of these things have any relation to health whatever.  

    The subject of Nutrition is full of experts with differing opinions.  This is true because few people really take the time to study and experiment on themselves.  Medical doctors and classically trained nutritionists operate with significant flaws relating to their understanding of the nutrition and disease processes.   To learn more about our YogaNutritionist™ certification click here

    Vegan does not mean health because as shown above so many foods are vegan that are destructive to a person’s health.  Vegan is a sign of higher awareness and consciousness but not a sign of health unless it is done in an intelligent way.  There are smart ways of eating in a vegan style and unwise ways to eat vegan and it is important to be aware that small choices go a long way!  Whenever possible avoiding potato chips and coca-cola and replacing them with apples and lemon water will likely give you a different experience…and one that you may prefer. 

    The most important myths to deconstruct about vegans relates to the idea that they are automatically living a healthy lifestyle.  The truth is that it is likely that due to to the lack of animal foods and those dangerous factors, vegans are likely healthier than the average person, but that is not saying very much since the average person is in far from ideal condition.  

    When a person eats all plant based foods…and exercises every single day… and avoids fried foods and other unwise things then healing of disease and prevention of disease becomes very possible and you also have a great chance of losing weight.  The relationship between foods and wellness is absolutely direct and the less animal foods the better…period.   Vegans have a head start because they are avoiding animal foods and have less cholesterol and other issues nonetheless they must eat a lot of fruits and uncooked plant foods for the diet to be truly intelligent.


  • Top 3 Yoga Poses for Office Workers

    Top 3 Yoga Poses for Office WorkersYoga for Office Workers

    Everybody who works a regular job and sits at a desk for long hours is at risk of being too sedentary.  Being too sedentary is very bad for health because the body relies on exercise to allow it run optimally.  So many of the body’s systems depend on movement and muscular contraction to be activated fully.  The fact is that even small amounts of movement performed regularly throughout the work day will make a big difference to your overall wellbeing.

    One way to incorporate these very important little movement breaks is to do some small yoga inspired movements as well as walking and taking the stairs as much as possible.  Walking for even 10 minutes produces powerful benefits to the circulatory system through the contraction of the quadriceps muscles and the way that squeezes the venous blood flow back to the heart!  Whether you are interested in losing weight or just feeling better during your day… a regular yoga practice at your local hot power vinyasa these top 3 poses will make a big difference in your overall health and wellness.

    Exercises and Yoga Postures for Office Workers

    1) Arms over head – Lift your arms over your head and breath deep for three breaths… then repeat.

    2) Chair pose – stand from your chair and bend both your legs at the same time like you are pretending to be sitting in a chair but don’t go down all the way and start to feel the quadriceps activate…then straighten the legs and repeat.

    3) Interlace your fingers behind your back – feel the chest and heart opening as you interlace your fingers behind your back and do your best to bring your palms together.

    Food Counsel for Office Workers

    Nutrition counseling may be as important as the advice about movement for office workers.  Fact is that eating crappy and unhealthy lunches to not a good idea and does not help the workplace atmosphere or productivity.  If you want to feel good during the day we have to limit the animal foods and the fried foods and eat lots of fruit and green foods.  Fruit and vegetable juices when fresh are very valuable ways to get nutrients.