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Miami Yoga - Official Site of Fred Busch's Miami Yoga Hot Power Vinysasa Studios in Miami, Fl and around the World.  Miami Yoga is the home of the Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa system which focuses on delivering all the physiological benefits of yoga along with the deeper and more sublte and often times more valuable aspects of the Yoga practice like breathing and meditation and awareness.


Miami Yoga is the premiere Hot Yoga Studio in South Florida where you can find many styles of Yoga, and many courses, trainings, and certifications designed to increase Yoga mastery,  health and well-being.   Our goal is to guide students to greater self-awareness, focus, and health through our full spectrum of yoga, yoga therapy, nutrition, massage, detox programs and retreats.  We do this with a deep humility and reverence for that which is most sacred in every yoga class we teach…YOU!


Miami Yoga (originally Miami Yogashala)  was founded by Fred Busch as an Ashtanga Vinyasa School in 2001. After several years of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Fred started noticing that certain very valuable poses were not being offered to students due to the sequence structure, and that there was no mechanism to heal certain injuries that would arise within the that system.   Fred began to advise certain students to refine their poses and sequences to create an environment that would be conducive to the body’s healing. This development meant that Fred no longer was teaching traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, so he changed the name of his classes to Fred Busch Power Yoga. Now Fred Busch Power Yoga is taught all over the world and at Fred Busch’s studios Brickell and Kendall Hot Power Yoga Studios.  Fred Busch, believes in the powerful transformational potential of Yoga.


  • Tantra Beats – Music for Yoga Teachers

    Tantra Beats


    Tantra Beats – Music for Yoga Teachers

    Tantra Beats is a project founded by Fred Busch, Silvina Camara and Master musician Fabian Giannattasio.  Designed around the idea that all yoga teachers around the world are in need of great music for their yoga classes.

    As Yoga Teachers Fred and Silvina recognized that great music for yoga is not easy to find and spending lots of hours trying to create new playlists everyday is almost a full time job.  Tantra Beats is a live DJ and Musician playing music perfectly suited to Yoga during Silvina Camara’s Friday night events at Miami Yoga studio in Brickell.  Each Friday night the  80 Minute fresh and original musical track will be recorded, mastered and soon uploaded onto the Tantra Beats website for download by Yoga Teachers around the world.

    No more wondering where to find fresh music for yoga because each week a new playlist will be added and available for download.  Finally yoga teachers around the world can relax about the music for their classes because with Tantra Beats music supporting their classes they are guaranteed to have amazing and different music each week…which all students will love!

    Tantra Beats sets will be based on smooth and uplifting electronic beats mixed with vocal tracks in Sanskrit of Mantras and spiritual energy sounds recorded in studio by Silvina Camara and Fred Busch!

    We are very excited about sharing our vision with the world and look forward to everyone enjoying amazing Yoga Class music for their home practice and of course for teachers looking for an edge to make their classes even better than they were before!  Great music that is perfectly suited for yoga really can make a difference!

    Join is every Friday at 630 Miami Yoga in Brickell  for Miami’s coolest hot yoga class where we will be recording the new musical set each week!

    Tantra Beats