Miami Yoga - Official Site of Fred Busch's Miami Yoga Hot Power Vinysasa Studios in Miami, Fl and around the World.  Miami Yoga is the home of the Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa system which focuses on delivering all the physiological benefits of yoga along with the deeper and more sublte and often times more valuable aspects of the Yoga practice like breathing and meditation and awareness.


Miami Yoga is the premiere Hot Yoga Studio in South Florida where you can find many styles of Yoga, and many courses, trainings, and certifications designed to increase Yoga mastery,  health and well-being.   Our goal is to guide students to greater self-awareness, focus, and health through our full spectrum of yoga, yoga therapy, nutrition, massage, detox programs and retreats.  We do this with a deep humility and reverence for that which is most sacred in every yoga class we teach…YOU!


Miami Yoga (originally Miami Yogashala)  was founded by Fred Busch as an Ashtanga Vinyasa School in 2001. After several years of teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Fred started noticing that certain very valuable poses were not being offered to students due to the sequence structure, and that there was no mechanism to heal certain injuries that would arise within the that system.   Fred began to advise certain students to refine their poses and sequences to create an environment that would be conducive to the body’s healing. This development meant that Fred no longer was teaching traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, so he changed the name of his classes to Fred Busch Power Yoga. Now Fred Busch Power Yoga is taught all over the world and at Fred Busch’s studios Brickell and Kendall Hot Power Yoga Studios.  Fred Busch, believes in the powerful transformational potential of Yoga.

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  • Yoga Teacher Training – Align to Path

    Yoga Teacher Training – Align to Path

    Yoga Teacher Training with Fred Busch

    The Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training changes lives!  The reverberations of positive waves that emanate from you once you start living your purpose and experiencing your power are infinite.  As we transform ourselves and learn to overcome obstacles in Yoga and in Life and apply the skills taught in Teacher Training we can really make a difference in people’s lives!

    Below is a testimonial i received recently and these are the types of messages that really make my heart sing :)   

    Hi Fred -I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for changing my life. I apologize for not sending this sooner. Because of your wonderful yoga teacher training program I am aligned with my purpose here on Earth. I have been exposed this beautiful massive new world that I never knew existed. The more I learn, the more that I find there is to learn. Far from being overwhelmed, for the first time in my life I am truly empowered and I see clearly the direction I need to go in. I am turning my family’s health around by leading them through example to eat properly and increase their activity levels. My father (severe type 2 diabetic) now eats salads everyday for lunch, is losing weight, and stabilizing his blood sugar. Also a huge step, my mother no longer keeps white bread in the house and she eats raw almonds for a snack at work. Those are just a couple of instances where I have influenced others to love themselves more and to be more mindful about their health.”

    Yoga Teacher Training programs are valuable for many reasons…personal, professional and even spiritual dimensions are benefited by you learning to practice yoga and meditation every single day both on your mat and in daily life!

  • Miami Yoga Teacher Profile – Zack Henry

    Miami Yoga Teacher Profile – Zack Henry

    Zack Henry - Athlete and Scholar

    Zack Henry – Athlete and Scholar

    Fred Busch’s Miami Yoga Studios have only the MOST AMAZING TEACHERS and STAFF!  One such awesome teacher is Zack Henry!!!  Zack is a terrific person who exudes positive energy and is both skillful and humble.

    Dedicated to his Yoga practice and to many other physically challenging activities, Zack is an inspiring human being.  To be inspiring and working to help others feel better is a main intention of Zack and everyone who takes his classes know this is exactly what he does.

     Responsible and intelligent and perceptive, Zack is a great student and a great teacher.

    Zack, like all teachers at Miami Yoga, is a graduate of the Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa Teacher Training and Zack now teaches at both our Kendall and Brickell locations!  

    Having great teachers teach great yoga is our intention at Fred Busch’s Miami Yoga.  Zack Henry is the perfect example of such a high caliber teacher transmitting the highest quality Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation skills!

  • Keys to Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Program


    10 Day Keys to Anti-Aging and Weight Loss Program by Fred Busch

    10 Days of the Renew Me Transformation!

    10 Days of the Renew Me Transformation!

    The Renew Me Transformation  available only at Fred Busch’s Miami Yoga Studios

    Nobody is required to want to look younger!  Nobody is required to want to lose weight!  Nobody is required to want to feel more energized and stronger in every way!  You are definitely not required to want to transform!  That is up to you 100%  If you are not interested in renewing yourself to some degree and actually feeling younger and looking younger everyday…without any tricks… then i am not interested in it for you either!

    Only if you want to lose weight…or more importantly look and feel more youthful and vital…would i also wish that for you!  And if you want these things…then a few simple variable will need to be put into practice and in a matter of days you will start feeling like a new person!

    There are many cliches in this little paragraph about ‘lose weight’ ‘feel great’ ‘feel like new person’… i acknowledge that… however in this case these words hold the power of truth behind them and i invite you to see how only 10 Days with the Renew Me Transformation… or with a lot of Yoga and smart Vegan style eating… you can really start again…and feel happier and more satisfied…and have better relationships and all the things that come with greater health and self-confidence and power!

    It is not a trick and it is not complicated!  The reason why these benefits arrive so fast is that once you align your body to it’s biology with regards to food and exercise it will naturally begin to shed unnecessary weight and replace fried skin cells with uncooked plant essential fatty acids see the difference in the wrinkles disappearing and the skin glowing again like youth.  The Fred Busch system is an Integrated Nutrition system that uses several components in synergy to effect amazing and rapid positive transformation in anyone!




  • Love Your Job – Own a Yoga Studio

    Fred Busch's Miami Yoga

    Loving your job and going to work everyday with a smile is one of life’s greatest potential blessings.   The saying goes ‘If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life’!

    The one thing i can say is that if  you love your job more than me i would be very impressed! Teaching Yoga and owning a Yoga studio is the most fulfilling task imaginable. Watching people transform before your eyes and seeing the tangible benefit you make in the world is truly gratifying beyond words.

    Don’t like your job? Consider being a Yoga Teacher by joining our Teacher Training… and or consider opening your very own Fred Busch’s Miami Yoga​ franchise studio! Yoga is amazing both personally and professionally because it is so rare to have a job where you actually help people in their regular life to feel better! And a lot of people at that!

    May God be praised for allowing me to be on this path teaching yoga… it is the greatest gift of all.

    You too can love your job! It is not just a dream!

  • Yoga Classes for All Levels

    Teacher Training with Fred Busch

    Yoga Classes for all Levels!

    Fred Busch’s Yoga Studios offer a style of Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga that is appropriate for all levels students.  All teachers at Fred Busch’s Miami Yoga Franchises are trained to adapt the sequence to make sure all students are practicing expressions that are safe and smart.  Students are encouraged to pace themselves and to always enjoy the slow and steady process of getting stronger and practicing deeper over the course of time.

    The Official Sequence taught in the Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training can be adapted to be either simpler and less demanding or more difficult and more challenging.  Fred Busch’s certified teachers are trained to adapt the sequence to the students that are in the room.  This ability to teach different variations to different students during the same class allows all students to feel like they have arrived into the perfect yoga class.

    Many students in the beginning of their Yoga career need to take the class a bit easier for the first few weeks as well as many students just simply need an easier sequence.  Fred Busch’s teachers are all trained specifically to tell their students to rest extra and take it easier in the beginning.  Graduates are trained in what is known as the ‘beginners yoga pep talk’ which explains to students to not overdo it and to have fun.

    The Fred Busch Hot Yoga Sequencing can be made more challenging also.  For example, many parts of the opening warm up section of the sequence can be augmented with more arm strengthening poses and exercises.  This option can help students who want to push themselves more and do more pushups to warm up more effectively!  Strength can be developed by adding 10 or 20 pushups for any transitions and inside the Sun Salutations.