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Miami Yoga’s former studio at 301 SW 17th Road is no longer owned by Fred Busch and Silvina Camara, and is now called Vanilla Sky Fitness. Fred Busch’s Miami Yoga is now permanently based at The Sacred Space in Miami. Our Yoga Teacher Trainings and Yoga Nutrition Health Coach Certifications are designed for students of all levels who want to improve their life. All Fred Busch trained teachers are specifically trained in Yoga Therapy to handle injuries and special needs. Fred’s students own Yoga Studios in Miami and around the world, having been trained to treat all students with respect and with their best interest individually.
Fred Busch Says “By exercising every day and building some core strength, our will power gets stronger. When our will power gets stronger we often make better decisions about food. This translates into a stronger workout and even stronger will power. This transfers into even more intelligent food decisions. This is known as a positive feedback cycle and all we need to do to get on board is just START!”
Miami Yoga is the premiere Hot Power Yoga Teacher Training Program in South Florida. Directed by Power Yoga Master and Meditation expert Fred Busch, our goal is to guide students and future yoga teachers and nutrition health coaches to a greater self-awareness, focus, and health. The Fred Busch Yoga Certifications offered at The Sacred Space in Miami and internationally around South America, offer a full spectrum program. Included in the curriculum of our 200 Hour program is asana, alignment, teaching techniques, history of yoga, yoga therapy, nutrition, massage, detox, meditation, pranayama. philosophy, chakras, kundalini shakti, anatomy, and much more. Fred offers the best of what he has learned from his Masters and with a deep humility and reverence teaches that which is most sacred in every yoga.


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Miami Yoga – Official Site of Fred Busch’s Miami Yoga Hot Power Vinysasa Yoga Instructor Courses in Miami and around the World.  Miami Yoga is the home of the Fred Busch Hot Power Vinyasa system which focuses on delivering all the physiological benefits of yoga along with the deeper and more subtle and often times more valuable aspects of the Yoga practice like meditation and self-awareness.


Miami Yoga Studio’s owned and directed by Fred Busch have been open since 2001. In 2017 Fred’s final Miami studio located in Brickell was sold to Vanilla Sky Fitness. Fred’s original yoga studio opened in 2001 was called Miami Yogashala and was founded by Fred as a dedicated Ashtanga Vinyasa School. After several years of teaching the strict and traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system, Fred started noticing that certain very valuable poses were not being offered to students due to the sequence structure. This meant that important benefits were not being delivered to students who could greatly benefit from them. Additionally, Fred discovered through his own injuries that there was no effective mechanism to heal within the the AVY system.   Fred began to advise certain students to refine their poses and sequences to create an environment that would be conducive to the body’s healing. This development meant that Fred no longer was teaching traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, so he changed the name of his classes to Fred Busch Power Yoga. Now Fred Busch Power Yoga is taught all over the world in studio’s owned by graduates and alumni of the Fred Busch Yoga Teacher Trainings.


  • Advanced Raja Yoga Teacher Training

    Raja Yoga Teacher Training for Meditation

    Advanced Raja Yoga Teacher Training

    500 Hour Advanced Fred Busch Module for Raja Yoga of Patanjali.   One of the very few Raja Yoga Teacher Training programs focusing on Meditation and Conscious Living.  This is an advanced training without question, it not designed for the average modern yoga student only interested in vinyasa sequences, as it is going to teach you the real meaning and method of Yoga Meditation and the ultimate practice of Raja Yoga. The materials and main text book by Master Brahmananda Saravati, which are guiding this training are potent in their capacity transform our life and marshall the power of the mind to manifest a higher destiny.

     This is a 28 Day Intensive Raja Yoga and Conscious Living Teacher Training. This is a program focused almost exclusively on Meditation and Raja Yoga, however we will be practicing Fred Busch Power Yoga every morning along with pranayama.
    Working systematically through the most powerful translations Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the 8 Limb Ashtanga Yoga Path, students will learn the authentic Yogic Techniques of Meditation which are not easily discovered even by experienced students.   In addition to the focus on Meditation and Samadhi, this training will also develop personal practice of Asana, as well as have modules on Conscious Living and Health Coaching.
    “Amazing Teacher Training! It is the perfect combination of challenging yoga, spiritual practice and awareness. It taught me how to always be thankful for what I have and can do, but also to always challenge myself to a next step. We teach from what we know, from what we experience. Fred Busch Teacher Training is very unique and combines all the important aspects of what Yoga is. It takes you far beyond what you thought you already knew. It is an excellent way to deepen your yoga practice and knowledge and to be prepared to teach yoga classes to all levels. Because Yoga is for everyone!”
    Charlotte Johanna
    Next Dates- May 16th,  2017  in Lima, Peru at Lima Yoga